I'm Owen Young, I've written 41 articles so far, about 14146 words, last updated on 2022-06-14. This blog doesn't have any JS, I position this as my personal digital garden, where all my notes, ideas are stored here. Cause I'm not a English native speaker, so there are also many posts/notes written by Chinese, click to find out what I'm doing now

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I like to read HackerNews and some bloggers’ content, but reading English is too inefficient, so I put the corresponding Chinese title next to it to speed up reading efficiency and improve English, publicly posted to: Owen’s Feed

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Now, I'm in IndieWeb?

Since I saw the concept of IndieWeb last year, I’ve been wanting to support it on my Zola blog. Before that my blog had never had a commenting system, and this time with Webmention I was finally able to get a static blog to display responses to articles on the web in plain html. I will document how I did it in this article.

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Why foreigners envy China?

It would be easy for me to admire China’s supposedly efficient government if I were a result-oriented foreigner and didn’t understand how China got there, but I’ve been there and I know how their exploitation, their deception, their propaganda, their education. I know how the people’s lives and minds are controlled in every way, not obviously for life before, but since Covid-19, their intrusion into normal life has reached a very serious part.

This Bill Maher’s video clearly shows us that even though the host is so smart and cares so much about freedom of speech, there is no hiding his envy for all that the Chinese government has accomplished through dictatorship.


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Wiki Links to Markdown Links for VSCode

Recently, I migrated my Wiki to Zola. Zola does not support relative internal links, it only support @/xxx.md internal link format. This is a bit painful, I posted a feature request to Zola. But for now, I will use my own edited version of Zola, this change will allow me to use /content/xxx.md internal link format.

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As a result of decades of hate education by the Chinese government, it seems that most Chinese people have a paranoia of persecution. They think that America want to hurt China, Japan want to hurt China, India want hurt China and so on. And they can not distinguish the government and the people. In particular, if you are a journalist or you are filming something, you are likely to be suspected by many people of being a government spy. Western journalists here have as bad a reputation as Western governments. – 2022.05.16

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