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I established a personal public Wiki and Blog before, which let me develop the habit of taking notes and writing more things, as the habit has been developed, so I will no longer entangle the form of the blog problem, put Personal notes, all the outputs of the blog are placed here, so that I can maintain myself better and save my mind, before the two places to switch back and forth to make me a bit overwhelmed. Currently, all blog sources are placed in the GitHub Repo.

I’m using VSCode with the Foam Lite Plugin I developed to edit all the content of this blog. I prefer plain text to store notes, it gives me more control as well as not being locked out by the operator.

I’m using Zola to generate this static blog, Zola is written in Rust, I’ve basically used JS toolchain to generate the blog before, now I prefer to use a single binary tool, mainly because I’m scared of the third-party plugin ecosystem, and I want to keep my blog Zola actually provides a lot of capabilities, so it’s possible to implement most of the ideas, for example, I implemented this function for sorting books by rating: books, Indieweb capabilities: Now, I’m in IndieWeb?

About Me

A failure of English learning

I’ve learned English more than 10 years, but it still sucks, so I registered a Twitter @TheOwenYoung for only English tweets, and this wiki and blog to force me to use more English.


Full stack developer, main technology stack is javascript. Find more my projects Projects

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