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If you’re not the customer, you’re the product. - hn

Basically. If there’s some nice free thing you use that’s too good to be true… wait a few years it will go to muck. - HN

Western multinationals today think about putting their next factory: “A.B.C. — Anywhere But China.” - nytimes

Sadly, as we see in the world today, it turns out that fascism is the most optimized ideology available given the limited cognitive bandwidth constraints of a 280-character post. This is because the answer is always simple with fascism: generally a death threat towards the marginalized group of the day will do just fine, which easily fits into 280 characters: “Storm the capitol building!”? “Hang Mike Pence!”? Yep, even congressional members and vice presidents can be marginalized under the right circumstances, and it’s under 280 characters. - Source

“I was lucky.” “Women always say that when they’ve done something extraordinary”. – The handmaids tale S05E03

Why does the patriarchy exist?

Very easy answer. A short time ago, historically, before birth control, antibiotics and NICUs, a huge portion of most women’s lives was consumed with pregnancy, birthing, dying during childbirth, having shit tons of children because high infant mortality and no birth control— that takes out your 16-40yo female demographic who would otherwise be having a say in leadership/positions of power. Meanwhile all the same men in that demographic who were not constantly stuck with this exhausting deadly job were traipsing around playing war and king and big boss with all their free time for thousands of years and a societal structure was created favoring these roles. Now that the playing field has slowly, finally evened out some in the past 100 years or so there is not surprisingly a LOT of catching up to do. - reddit

Chinese people are not stupid, they are not incapable of distinguishing right from wrong, it’s just that the whole environment of speech is so unfair that only one voice is allowed. I am optimistic that most people will be able to distinguish between right and wrong within a year’s time if they are allowed to compete fairly.

If there is no religion there is so division among people. We can move on from imaginary issues and focus on real issues of our planet. - reddit comment

reddit users and making vague generalizations based on their own biases. - reddit comment

He sees it all personified in Lee Kuan Yew, who “honestly thought that money and status equated to happiness … His failure to understand how false that was really showed, leading us to become one of the richest countries in the world, and one of the most depressed. Ultimately, how do you quantify a great leader? It is by how he creates a place where people are able to live happily and prosper based on their own unique attributes. And he hasn’t.” – Story of cities #27: Singapore – the most meticulously planned city in the world

Democracy and capitalism are 100% unrelated to each other. Democracy is a form of government, capitalism is an economic system. You can have Fascist Capitalists(China), Fascist Mercantilists(US Republicans), Fascist Socialism(the USSR), Democratic Capitalists(most Americans), Democratic Mercantilists(The British), Democratic Socialism(Bernie Sanders types in the US; many of the Nordics), and a whole host of things in between. Democracy and Capitalism are two separate axes creating a plane, rather than two sides of the same axis. – reddit comment

In Indonesia, there are anti-democratic groups. They really admire the Taliban. We want that group to be exchanged for people like you so that the Taliban get people who love them and Indonesia gets people who are pro-democracy. – Kurasha Takada

Going home is a luxury that’s not available to everyone. – ted

Q: Why should your right to freedom of speech trump a person’s right not to be offended?

A: In order to think, you have to risk being offensive. You’re using your free speech to risk offending me and more power to you!

Jordan B. Peterson

“It is said that power corrupts, but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.” — David Brin

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