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All Updates about this blog.


Move hot notes to index.

2023.07.25 Use telegram group as comment system.🔗

2023.06.14 Remove nav bar🔗

2023.06.10 Remove Activity Page🔗

For the heavy building times, like 250s.

2022.10.20 og:img use asset image🔗

use asset image as the default og:img

2022.10.10 Blockquote ui🔗

from | to "

2022.09.01 Show short title🔗

Show short title for all posts in home page:

short title

2022.07.25 Support Tweet Reply🔗

Show tweet reply:


2022.07.18 Inline Style🔗

For better performance, I have inline my pages css;

{%- set css = load_data(path="static/site/styles/site.css") -%}
  {{css | safe}}

Also, for better performance, docs search css will be loaded defer:

<link rel="preload" href="{{ get_url(path="site/styles/docs-searchbar.min.css",
trailing_slash=false,cachebust=true) | safe }}" as="style"
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{
  trailing_slash=false,cachebust=true) | safe }}"></noscript

2022.07.12 Change Surface Background Color🔗

Now it looks like this:

new background

Powerd by Meilisearch



2022.07.09 Fix large building time🔗

I wrote a heavy logic in the base.html template, this can increase much building time, actually the logic is only dependent by two page, so I move it, now the building time is about 1 second again, also see here

2022.07.06 Desktop Read Mode🔗

when screen width greater than 67.5rem, then set the background color of main area as white, it’s like the safari reader mode, can be more focus to the reader. home page

2022.07.03 Decrease Base fontsize🔗

Change base font size to 15px

2022.06.30 index toggle more button🔗

Add Toggle More Button.

toggle more screenshot

2022.06.18 refactor sidebar/archive🔗

Migrate sidebar/_index.md to pages/sidebar.md, all spectified page located in content/pages directories.

2022.06.14 - Activity Page🔗

Adding Activity page.

2022.06.13 - IndieWeb🔗

  1. Support IndieAuth

  2. Joining IndieWeb Webring, See home page bottom right corner

  1. Support Webmention, see example Now, I’m in IndieWeb?

2022.05.14 - Latest Updates🔗

Add Latest Updates to home page.

2022.04.25 - Random Category🔗

Change category Misc to Random, I prefer Random than Misc, cause I even don’t know what Misc is. It’s inspired by Pin 起來

2022.04.24 - SEO🔗

Add og:title,description to pages for better SEO.

Adding Edit this article link to every post.

2022.03.29 - Birthday🔗

  1. Today is this blog’s birthday, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve migrated from Wiki and Blog to New Blog. The Blog is built with Zola, I also wrote 迁移博客和 Wiki 到 Zola to record it. The biggest difference is the blazing building speed of Zola, for now, it only takes 2 seconds to build the whole site.

  2. Support 读书笔记 Templates, show my review score of the book, and show Books Sort By Rating

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该博客没有评论系统,我正在实验有意义的讨论是否更易在社群中发生,不知道为什么,人在社群中,似乎会有更好的行为规范。然后如果有高质量的讨论,我会手动再精选到原文。为此,我建立了一个 Telegram 讨论群组,你可以在里面讨论这篇文章,点此复制文章标题和链接 ã€‚