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All Updates about this blog.


Migrate sidebar/ to pages/, all spectified page located in content/pages directories.

2022.06.14 - Activity Page🔗

Adding Activity page.

2022.06.13 - IndieWeb🔗

  1. Support IndieAuth

  2. Joining IndieWeb Webring, See home page bottom right corner

  1. Support Webmention, see example Now, I’m in IndieWeb?

2022.05.14 - Latest Updates🔗

Add Latest Updates to home page.

2022.04.25 - Random Category🔗

Change category Misc to Random, I prefer Random than Misc, cause I even don’t know what Misc is. It’s inspired by Pin 起來

2022.04.24 - SEO🔗

Add og:title,description to pages for better SEO.

Adding Edit this article link to every post.

2022.03.29 - Birthday🔗

  1. Today is this blog’s birthday, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve migrated from Wiki and Blog to New Blog. The Blog is built with Zola, I also wrote 迁移博客和 Wiki 到 Zola to record it. The biggest difference is the blazing building speed of Zola, for now, it only takes 2 seconds to build the whole site.

  2. Support 读书笔记 Templates, show my review score of the book, and show Books Sort By Rating

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