This is a list of projects I’ve done and am doing. Maybe you should consider sponsor me, thanks for you time.


Immersive Translate - 沉浸式翻译扩展🔗

  • Support Firefox/Chrome/GreaseMonkey
  • Show both Dual Languages
  • Support multiple translation engiens



You can use Buzzing to see hot discussions in your native language. Browse in your native language, Read more into the original text. Currently, it supports Chinese, Japanese, English, you can find topics like Buzzing on Reddit, Buzzing on Stocks, Buzzing on Product Hunt, Buzzing on Hacker News, Buzzing on Reddit ASK, etc.


Track the most popular awesome list on Github


YAML as code. Lisp in YAML.

Track Awesome List

Track your favorite github awesome repo, not just star it. provides website, newsletter, RSS for tracking the popular awesome list by daily and weekly.

Gatsby Theme Primer Wiki🔗

A gatsby theme for wiki site. Like this site is using the theme to generate. Cause this wiki is a thing that I want to maintain the whole life, so the theme would be maintain for a long time.

Maintaining Denoflow🔗

Denoflow** is an automate workflows based on Deno/Typescript/Javascript


Actionsflow helps you automate workflows - it’s a free IFTTT/Zapier alternative for developers. With Actionsflow you can connect your favorite apps, data, and APIs, receive notifications of actions as they occur, sync files, collect data, and more. We implemented it based on Github actions, and you use a YAML file to build your workflows. The configuration format is the same as Github actions, which makes it easy for you to get going if you’ve explored Github actions before. You can also use any Github actions as your job’s steps.

Gatsby Theme Timeline🔗

A Gatsby theme, you can use it to show your all posts, tweets, instagram posts etc into one blog. In my opinion, this is a real personal home.

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