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About China

Curating opnions and things about China.



Chinese Language🔗

To speak Chinese is not hard, because the most common words are two syllables, so it’s easy to remember. The hard part is the characters. There are more than 2000 common characters in Chinese.

Core Problems🔗

  • There is no rule of law, There is great uncertainty in your life
  • Throughout the education from elementary school to higher education, a lot of ideology is deliberately implanted about communism, patriotism and love of the party, as well as the over-exaggeration of historical humiliation, and most people hate the so-called imperialist countries such as the United States and Japan.
  • The extreme suppression of freedom of expression, the slightest public dissent is enough to send you to opaque imprisonment
  • The massive blocking of offshore networks and the restrictions on VPNs, as well as the criminalization, make it difficult for the average person to get the facts and opinions on the other side.
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