A new Gatsby theme [Timeline] - Show your all posts, tweets, instagram posts into one

Don’t you think there are too many different personal profile for us? Like twitter, instagram, facebook, blog, etc, So do I, I suppose there is an elegant site to show all my creative work, that’s the new gatsby theme Timeline, a Gatsby theme, you can use it to show your all posts, tweets, instagram posts etc into one blog. In my opinion, this is a real personal home.

Checkout my blog: https://blog.owenyoung.com/

Source Repo

Live Demo


Here are the features for now:

  • Support markdown, tweet, instagram posts, youtube videos, hacker news, reddit post
  • Support i18n by gatsby-theme-i18n, you can choose your own i18n library
  • Support comments platform disqus or utterances
  • Support Tags
  • Pagination, even tag pages support pagination
  • SEO Optimization

Just start a new blog for yourself:

gatsby new my-themed-blog https://github.com/theowenyoung/gatsby-starter-timeline

For more about installation please see here


In the starter demo, I use two gatsby plugins gatsby-source-twitter and gatsby-source-instagram as the blog’s sources. But in my blog, I use Actionsflow to get my tweets, instagram data, sync the JSON file to my content source repository ((Why Actionsflow? For more stably, and I can store all my creative work into one)), and site repository use plugin gatsby-source-git to sync those data, and my markdown posts, for more tech stack, you can see How I Built my Blog?

Disclaimer: I made the Actionsflow :)

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