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Curating things that deserve respect.


  • Give Well - GiveWell’s mission is to find outstanding giving opportunities and publish the full details of our analysis to help donors decide where to give. They publish a list of top charities, which are their recommendations for donors. GiveWell is focused on finding a small number of outstanding giving opportunities, not on reviewing as many charities — or as many causes — as possible.
  • Give Directly - Lift one person above poverty by donating $30/mo. Direct giving is an efficient, proven, and empowering way to help.
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该博客没有评论系统,我正在实验有意义的讨论是否更易在社群中发生,不知道为什么,人在社群中,似乎会有更好的行为规范。然后如果有高质量的讨论,我会手动再精选到原文。为此,我建立了一个 Telegram 讨论群组,你可以在里面讨论这篇文章,点此复制文章标题和链接